Smart Shopping In The Sales – How To Spot A Bargain

It is easy to get carried away when out shopping in the sales, with sometimes huge reductions of up to 80% off the recommended list price. We all love to spot and have a bargain, so the bigger the reduction the better the bargain so we think! So how can you spend your money wisely when shopping in the sales? There are a few golden rules that you should apply:

Things you should do

  • Limit the amount you will spend on your shopping trip
  • Invest in quality pieces with a long shelf or hanging life
  • Consider how many times you may use the item
  • Buy items out of season or last season ranges which are much cheaper
  • Ensure the item is returnable if you change your mind or it does not fit the purpose
  • Invest in quality every day basics such as tights, socks, umbrella’s and underwear
  • Consider buying home necessities like bed linen, cups and electrical items.

What NOT to do when shopping

  • Buy items that do not fit or need alterations (you will never get round to dealing with this)
  • Buy something just because it is a bargain but you are unsure as to whether you will use it
  • Waste money on choosing items for other people you are not sure whether they will like it
  • Get taken in by high fashion that will date in a few weeks
  • Buy items with a short shelf life that will expire before you have had chance to use it
  • Buy poor quality items just because they are ridiculously cheap ~ there is a reason why it is so cheap.
  • Get mesmerised by the latest gadget (often overpriced to start with and often prices drop dramatically after first year of production)
  • Choose the wrong colour because that is all that is left on the shelf
  • Use your credit card as it gives a false sense of financial security.

If you stick to items that you know you need, then you should not go far wrong. Think twice before purchasing an item and ask yourself the question “do I really need this”?

When purchasing an item which costs £50.00 bear in mind how many hours did it take you to buy the item, is it still worth it? Remember, it is only a bargain if you had planned to buy the item before the sales and you really need to purchase it.

Enjoy the sales because they can be great fun and consider wearing flat shoes.  You might also like to schedule in a light lunch with a friend.   Above all, spend your money wisely.