Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Lingerie

If you aren’t comfortable with your undergarment (s), then there is something wrong you did when buying that pair or piece. It is hard to deny the fact that you lied about the size or the comfort levels of lingerie especially knowing that hardly anyone else will notice the discomfort. However, you will suffer the consequences later. For that reason, here are some of the mistakes we need to avoid on the next shopping spree.

  1. The size is wrong

We’ve all seen this severally, yet, it is worth repeating because women from all over the world still wear lingerie in the wrong size. The wrong bra, for starters, causes health issues whose symptoms come to light months or years later.

If you have been having back, neck, or chest pains, check your bra first. The wrong cup and band size or the length of the straps could be the cause of all your problems and discomfort. For briefs, the wrong size is downright uncomfortable and painfully embarrassing!  Say you are a personal injury lawyer Toronto, how would it feel representing a client in court with the bra straps digging into your skin mercilessly?

  1. Foregoing fitting

When was the last time you went for a bra fitting? While we laud your efforts for having a bra fitting, it is important to keep in mind that your body changes. You may have lost or added weight in the last few months, and these changes in weight affect the size of your boobs. For you to wear the right bra always, go for fitting every six months. Ensure that the fitting is professional.

  1. Buying (and wearing) the wrong kind of bra

There are multiple types of bras, and most women haven’t exhausted half of them. But bra types aside, is that bra suitable for what you are doing? If you are going to the gym, you have to make sure that the bra is ideal for working out. It should be comfortable, supportive and, suitable for your body type; hence the different bra styles on the market.

  1. Buying lingerie from general stores

Yes, they may have a wide variety but, they may not give you the lingerie advice you need. There are numerous specialty lingerie stores, online and locally who can guide you when shopping. You may also get great deals not present in general stores.

  1. Experimenting online

Online shopping is making our lives easier, and we no longer have to leave the house for shopping when we don’t have to. However, with this convenience comes an enemy, an endless list of possibilities. There are unique lingerie sets and bras sold online, and you may get the temptation to buy lingerie you aren’t sure of the sizing and the style. The problem with this is that returning lingerie to the store is cumbersome, and in some cases, you may not get a replacement or a refund. You should, also avoid overlooking seller’s return policies.

  1. Not looking at the cleaning specifications

Some lingerie sets need machine cleaning only especially when made of leather or silk. Also, lingerie with precious stones like rhinestones or crystals could render garments unwashable.

Other mistakes to avoid include:

Buying bras that only fit comfortably on the tightest hook

Choosing a white bra and assuming that it is color neutral.