4 Smart-Shopping Tips For Finding an Anti Aging Skin Care Product That Actually Works

Honestly, when it comes to choosing an anti aging skin care product, you’re in danger of being buried alive. It seems everyone is touting a new “miracle” product that will wipe years of your face in less than a week.

The fountain of youth is big business. Cosmetic companies realize that people will spend their life savings trying to look twenty again. Did you know that the average face-lift in the US is over $5,000? Yikes! Billions of dollars are poured into the cosmetic surgery bucket every year.

Can you afford 5 grand on a face lift? I certainly can’t (and do I really want to?). So in comes the anti aging skin care product line. For substantially less than 5K, you can “use our cream for stunning non-surgical results”. So, we shell out $60 dollars for an ounce. We “splurge” on the $100 dollar “Skin Sensation.” We cross our fingers, just hoping that this time it will actually WORK.

Sadly, most of that is money wasted. The majority of anti aging skin care treatments just don’t work. They are produced by unscrupulous marketers who are dangling the carrot of “youth” and milking millions from the average consumer.

Is this the end of the story? Are we, the more financially-challenged, doomed to wrinkles and sags forever?

In comes our hero: Knowledge. If you know what you’re looking for, it really is possible to dig out the gems from the rubbish pile. There is a anti aging skin care product that works. Indeed, there may actually be more than one!

That’s what this article is all about. Giving you some basic smart-shopping tips on how to be SURE your anti aging skin care product really is the “elixir of youth” you paid for.

Tip #1: Skip The Smell

First, avoid products promised to make you “smell like a rose”. You may smell like a rose, but with continual use, your skin won’t feel like one. The chemicals used to make those fragrances have toxins in them. Because skin is porous, these toxins enter into your skin and bloodstream, causing you (and your skin) long-term harm.

Naturally, you don’t want to smell like a horse. But choose to deodorize yourself in other ways. Use perfume, cologne, or body-spray.

But wait! I hear you say, Aren’t there toxins in those things as well? Yes, there are. The difference is that with an anti aging skin treatment product, you are massaging those toxins into your face, covering a large surface area. The fragrances used n perfumes and sprays are released in teeny-tiny droplets over small areas of your body. It’s a BIG difference.

Tip #2: Destroy the Collagen Deception

That’s right. Avoid any anti aging skin care product that touts “collagen” in the product label. Those manufacturers are searching for a sucker. Don’t be their stooge.

It’s common knowledge that one of the primary reasons our skin begins to age, sag, and get wrinkles, is because the collagen in our skin is breaking down. This is a scientific fact. Manufacturers would like you to believe that by using a product with collagen in it, you will “rebuild” those layers. Not only are these so-called “collagen” products bunk (meaning you’d get better results spreading yogurt on your face), they are also, usually, grossly over-priced.

Hogwash. Hooey. Fiddlesticks.

Collagen molecules are way too big to penetrate the skin when applied on the surface. Instead, of attempting to get collagen from the outside in, you need to encourage collagen to grow from the inside out. You do this by using an anti aging skin care product that uses specialized (and natural) products that are proven to stimulate your body to make its OWN collagen.

(Side Note: You can read about those proven collagen-stimulating ingredients on my website, hyperlinked at the bottom of this article.)

Tip #3: Become “Celebrity Tax” Exempt

In the billion-dollar world of skin care, marketing is everything. How else will you convince the masses to choose your particular brand of Ingredient X? Is it any surprise, then that most skin care manufacturers spend the majority of their budget on marketing, and not on researching and developing the best products?

Smart executives realize that if they can land a model or contract a well-known celebrity to do their promotion, it doesn’t really matter whether the product works (or if it is good for you in the long run). People will buy it on faith.

For example, can you think of a well-known celebrity currently promoting a “hot” skin care product? Think of the Proactive Solution products. They have spent millions hiring Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Vanessa Williams, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, P.Diddy, Alicia Keys…all have “endorsed” Proactive Solutions, successfully selling to over 10 million people.

Who do you suppose paid those millions for celebrity contracts? Proactive did, yes…but who gives Proactive their money? Normal Joes like you and me. Those marketing dollars are paid by the people who by the product. A “Celebrity Tax” on every bottle, if you will.

There’s nothing wrong with passing that cost on to the consumer, I understand the basic principles of business. My point here is that those are millions that could be spent on researching and developing better products. And if they had better products, would they have the need to spend millions on celebrities so you would buy them? Hmm, I think not!

Tip #4: Use the Road Less Traveled

This is why I am a firm believer that it’s actually the little, unknown companies that represent your best bet when it comes to finding a quality anti aging skin care product. In fact, I think those companies are your best bet for any so-called vanity product.

Here’s why I think so: Those smaller companies can keep their product cost lower (by not having to pass on a “Celebrity Tax”), and invest their profits into actually producing a better product. It’s more like…If you make it (well)…they will come.

Their products speak for themselves. That is how their bottom line grows and grows. Not through neat packaging and cool celebrity endorsements, but by happy repeat customers. The extra money they make from those happy customers gets plunked into researching and developing MORE great products to make happier customers, and the cycle starts over again.

My job (and yours) as a passionate skin-care enthusiast is to find products produced by companies that are just like this.

In conclusion, I urge you to out-smart the status quo. Find a fragrance-free anti aging skin care product that will stimulate your body’s own production of collagen. Avoid paying the “celebrity tax” on bogus products that do nothing but pay for more celebrity endorsements. Search for beauty products (including anti aging skin care treatments) that will save you money and your skin at the same time.

If you’re too busy to do all that (I completely understand), feel free to look over my virtual shoulder and peek at what I have uncovered in my own search for better skin care. You can see all this information (including several gotta-have-ingredients) on my website, which is hyperlinked below.